Notes and Reflections on Rothko in Paris

Dana Gordon reflects on a recent visit to the Mark Rothko retrospective at The Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

Gordon observes that the 1950s paintings “are [Rotho’s] best. They have the most full expression of color possible. I found them easy to look at, drawing me to them, and they made me want to look at them longer and longer. The longer I looked, the better they got. This large room full of so many of them said that painting, these paintings, this man’s paintings – these thin films on flimsy surfaces — were providing as deep and brilliant an experience as the world can provide. After leaving this gallery, I looked back and had the recognition, saying to myself, ‘He did it.’ ”

Dana Gordon: Signs of Life, Paintings from 2023 is on view at Westbeth Gallery, New York through February 24, 2024.