Nothing is Everything

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Carl Belz writes about the exhibition Nothing is Everything at Pagus Projects, Norristown, PA, on view from March 22 – May 2, 2014. The show features works by Alan Greenberg, Karen Baumeister and Stuart Fineman.

Belz notes that Greenberg, Baumeister, and Fineman "face a challenge in wanting to find a responsive audience for their pictures within the ebb and flow of today’s cultural environment – an environment ubiquitously laced with cynicism and irony, bound to mass media, visually glutted, serving up art as spectacle and entertainment, and promising instant gratification while racing breathlessly and inexorably to the next great thing. Against that backdrop, which is nothing if not challenging, they present us with lean-looking pictures that picture nothing, that are reticent, that are slow to reveal themselves and their pleasures, pictures of the sort that are at their best when encountered not in clusters before crowds but one-on-one and face-to-face, the way we encounter one another, which is how we come to know fully everything they are. Our current cultural environment puts such pictures at risk, not only in increasing the odds against our getting their meaning right but against our finding time to get any of their meaning at all."

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