NYC Painting in November

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Joe Walentini reviews several November painting shows in New York including exhibitions by Sharon Etgar, Norman Lewis, Herman Maril, and Louisa Matthiasdottir.

Of Matthiasdottir, Walentini writes that her "paintings are deceptively unassuming due to their minimalism. But now look at how the space is carved out within each composition. Perspective is determined almost entirely by the size and placement of the forms and how they are painted. Nearly everything in these paintings serves a dual purpose between constructing the rudimentary subject matter and simultaneously orchestrating everything else to a totality beyond the combination of elements. Best of all is how the latter challenges the viewer’s imagination and creativity – something all great painting does."

Sharon Etgar: Collage at Davis & Langdale Co. (closed November 26, 2011)
Norman Lewis: Selections from the Collection
at Bill Hodges Gallery (through January 2, 2012)
Herman Maril: A Sense of Place
at David Findlay Jr. Gallery (closed November 26, 2011)
Louisa Matthiasdottir: Large Paintings
at Tibor De Nagy Gallery (through December 2, 2011)

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