Oscar Ghiglia

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Ilaria Rosselli Del Turco blogs about the work of the underknown painter Oscar Ghiglia.

She writes: "His portraits are characterised by a solid perspective structure, immediate but in fact very complex. They never indulge toward sentimentality nor [do] they become flamboyant. With a classical departure point, they are made modern by the simplification of the drawing; all the emotional content is reduced to a precise construction of the image… [Ghiglia] refused impressionistic instances coming from France, preferring Nordic influences, such that one of Hammershøi, that we see in his domestic interiors… The format and the subjects recall the Macchiaioli painters but landscape for him is in fact a rational construction. It is not until that period that he might have come in contact with the work of Cezanne, with which he shares the concept of a painting as physical object and the use of colour as builder of form."

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