Painters Panting

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Karen Tauches reviews the exhibition Painters Panting featuring works by David Diao, Craig Drennen, Saul Fletcher, Alex Hubbard, Judy Ledgerwood, Chris Martin, and Jennifer West at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center, on view through June 24, 2012.

Tauches writes that "painters are the last great materialists in a world dematerialized by technology; they chose lifetyles which grow more eccentric with every passing year. They are ruled not by electronics, but by the physicality of materials—pigments, canvas, studio spaces, light, images made by hand and body. Either out of stubborn love of this tactical medium or a desire to be at the top of the pyramid, they are terribly dependent upon a class of people who can afford to keep and care for their wonderful, expensive, superfluous, and demanding two-dimensional objects."

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