Patrick Jones: Pure Colour

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Nick Moore reviews the recent exhibition Pure Colour, paintings by Patrick Jones at Gloss-Art, Exeter.

Moore writes: "Walking through the rooms in this show was like having access to the thoughts, feelings and process of the painter; there were themes, variations, series and one-off experiments and it is rare to see this openness in an exhibition… one was hit the vitality of Jones’ process as an artist… The No Parasan format has served as a vehicle for Jones’ lively improvisation and experimentation through the intuitive application of colour, layering differing applications of paint onto the canvas. The variations allow for ongoing exploration of a theme, indeed of painting, in a meaningful way. One immediately notices that there is an upward slant to the structure as the middle band lifts up to the left, reflecting the kind of tectonic, emotional upheaval that goes into the paintings."

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