Pete Hoida: In Conversation

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Graham Boyd and Pete Hoida discuss the paintings in Hoida's recent exhibtion The Black Morar Series 2010-2012 at The Museum in the Park, Stroud.

Mel Gooding, writing about the exhibition, noted: "Artists carry into their work a particular and unique sensibility and history of sensation. It is a quality that derives from experiences of colour-pleasure that long precede their becoming artists. It has become part of their inner aesthetic; it is a component of their sensibility. It may find time to be assimilated into the synthesizing action of painting, gesture and stroke, emphatic or light of touch; it is an action that requires a multiplicity of smaller movements, of eye and hand combined, in the selection and mixing of the colour that will be transported by brush or palette-knife to canvas. In Hoida’s case there is something utterly personal in his delicious tonalities, mid-colour purples, pinks, grey-blues, magentas and turquoise, mixed, over-laid, subtly, silkily textured."

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