Post Analog Painting @ The Hole

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James Kalm visits the exhibition Post Analog Painting at The Hole, New York. The show includes works by Trudy Benson, Mariah Dekkenga, Robert Otto Epstein, Mark Flood, Jeanette Hayes, Adam Henry, KATSU, Misaki Kawai, Jonathan Lasker, Rachel Lord, Neil Raitt, Josh Reames, Joe Reihsen, Nathan Ritterpusch, Michael Staniak and Matthew Stone. 

Kalm notes that the show "is an interesting counter pose to MoMA's 'The Forever Now,' both shows presenting casts of artists who are dealing in some way with our current digital/internet world."

From the press release: "'Post-Analog' is meant so suggest that the paintings in this show were not even conceivable before digital imaging changed the structure of our images. Sure, we erased things, but not the way the 'erase tool' erases. Items at shallow depth leave shadows but not the standardized way a drop-shadow filter does. Focus and resolution exist in emulsion photography but the way that paint is applied in this show has more in common with low-res JPEGS and pixels-per-inch."

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