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Poured Painting: Oil as Water

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Franklin Einspruch reviews the recent two part exhibition Pour at Asya Geisberg Gallery and Lesley Heller Workspace, New York. The shows, curated by Elisabeth Condon and Carol Prusa, featured works by Ingrid Calame, Kris Chatterson, Roland Flexner, Angelina Gualdoni, Carrie Moyer, Carolanna Parlato, David Reed, Jackie Saccoccio, and Carrie Yamaoka.

Einspruch writes that the works on view "established that the desire for good abstract form, achievable by way of liquid paint, is a perennial concern… The “pour,” as presented by Condon and Prusa, takes one of two forms. The first is the revealing pour, the one with which we’re familiar from Jackson Pollock – paint as the manifestation of itself, the literal trail of evidence made by the action of colored liquid on a support. There is a distinctive grid, irregular and rounded, that appears when you tilt a canvas with a dripping swath of paint on it along one axis and then across it… The other form taken is the hidden pour, in which the force of the falling paint removes evidence of the human hand from the application, leaving the viewer to wonder how the shapes got there."

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