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Rachel Youens & Sydney Licht

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Mario Naves writes about the paintings of Sidney Licht and Rachel Youens whose work is on view at Salena Gallery, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus through September 27, 2013.

Naves notes: "Visiting the studios of each artist, you might mistake them for undercover sculptors: significant expanses of space are devoted to stuff. Youens’s accumulations of detritus, simultaneously chaotic and impeccably orchestrated, expand laterally across a sizable painter’s table. As for Licht: not far from her easel are pseudo-Minimalist totems, often teetering at imposing heights, assembled from an impressive collection of boxes. But you don’t need direct contact with these objects to realize the importance they carry for Youens and Licht. It’s there to see in the paintings, wherein the physical is confirmed and, more important, transformed into something poetic and meditative."

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