Ralph Coburn

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Vincent Romaniello features a work by painter Ralph Coburn.  Coburn's work was the subject of a recent exhibition Ralph Coburn – France, Works on Paper 1949–1956 at David Hall Fine Art in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  A contemporary of painter Ellsworth Kelly, Coburn accompanied Kelly to France during the early 1950's.  This peroid was formative for both artists.  The David Hall gallery website notes that in France "[Coburn] and Kelly discussed, explored and collaborated on numerous concepts hoping to resolve them into a visual language." 

Coburn continued to paint throughout his career as a graphic designer at MIT.  The gallery quotes painter Bernard Chaet, another friend of Coburn as saying: "Becoming a successful artist simply didn’t matter to Ralph. It was always about the exploration and execution of ideas, nothing more."  A full length essay on Coburn's work by Rachael Arauz accompanies the recent exhibition.

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