Rebecca Morris: Interview

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Rebecca Morris talks with curator Kate MacNamara on the occasion of the exhibition Rebeca Morris: Rose Cut at 365 S. Mision Road, Los Angeles (through November 1, 2015).

Morris comments: "I paint with the works flat on the floor and then they need to come up so I can look at them. This looking time varies greatly. Sometimes I know immediately what to do next, or that something needs to shift. Other times I have to think for a few days. Occasionally I need to think about a painting for much longer. It becomes a time-out. When this happens it can be a bit nerve wracking and/or frustrating and/or a bummer because I start to wonder if I’ve lost the painting, or am losing 'it' myself. But in the end several of these pieces have been what I later see as very strong works. I hate rushing the looking part. There was one year where there was way more looking than making, maybe it was 2011? I just had to trust that this was okay and was a natural, but important shift."

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