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Rebecca Morris: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interviews painter Rebecca Morris about her work.

Asked about abandoning paintings Morris replies: "I try not to. Instead, I will turn a painting around to face the wall and wait on it. I am actually waiting on myself to catch up to the painting. I can erase things, but I need to decide to do that immediately, to really remove it and its trace. I want to be careful though, because every time you do something new and weird, the gut reaction can be to decide it’s not good. It is the “shock of the new” element. So, instead, if it’s really weird, I will try to leave it. I leave a lot of stuff that makes me uncomfortable. There is something exciting about making a choice and having to stick with it. I think that painting is all about this idea of regrouping. How do you incorporate your mistakes or your failures? It is endemic to painting: learning to live with those experiences, or engaging your process to figure out what is working. It is shifting all the time. I love the feeling of potential – of not knowing what I’m going to do, how to solve the problem, how it’s going to turn out."

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