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Richard Serra: Double Rifts

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Ed Schad reviews the exhibition Richard Serra: Double Rifts at Gagosian, Beverly Hills, on view through June 1, 2013.

Schad writes that Serra's drawings engender for him simultaneous thoughts of the "universal" and the "local." Schad notes that viewing the exhibition, "I think of how a Newman zip could send Walter Di Maria to the Southwest and James Turrell to a crater with a backhoe. On the other hand, I think of every moment I am at loss for words in relation to the world, how a loss splits me from the world and takes me to a loneliness that I would like to think is important but probably isn’t, how those that I have lost simply go away and how the world rises around me threatening and dangerous and glorious, and how it is both a comfort and a terror to think that nature doesn’t care about something so decidedly un-glorious as me."

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