Richard Timperio: Color Me Gone

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James Kalm visits the exhibition Richard Timperio: Color Me Gone at Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, Brooklyn, on view through December 22, 2013.

Kalm notes that "As a fan of 'Car Culture,' and classic Rock-n-Roll, Timperio's paintings have all the punch of a top fuel dragster, or the amplified urgency of a three cord riff. Using watered-down acrylic on paper and unprimed canvas, Timperio states his painting practice is 'like a performance,' where the artist has to get it right in 'one shot'." In a statement to accompany the show, Timperio says: "My desire is to saturate the canvas with intense color engaging in a dialog between the large geometric shapes, color, and blurred and clean edges. Given the simplicity of these elements and directness of the execution creates an image that can be read immediately. What you experience resonates as something much larger than the physical canvas. You are immersed in this explosion of Color!! One huge single sound ‘The Big Note’ a ‘Sonic Boom’."

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