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Rosalind E. Krauss: Interview

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David Plante interviews Rosalind E. Krauss. The topics Krauss discusses include her initial interest in art, cultivated by visits to the National Gallery of Art and the Phillips Collection, and her belief that the artist must strive to extend the nature of the medium in which she works. Regarding the latter, Krauss comments: "Greenberg’s position on Modernist painting is that a work of art essentially secures its meaning by specifying its medium and by essentially securing something new about the nature of the medium, and this seems to me to be irrefutable. In most work that we know and respect, particularly abstract art which has broken all kinds of links with the observed world, and which could be said to be about the nature of the medium itself– the two dimensional canvas, the colours, the drawing, the frame of the canvas—the medium is absolutely essential – is crucial — in terms of my appreciation of a work of art." "I think what I’m more interested in is stumbling on work that for one reason or another I recognise as genuine and then I try to understand where it comes from and what it is that secures the notion of it as authentic… Each individual artist presents to me a different problem."

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