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Roy De Forest: Unapologetic Good Will

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Mario Naves posts about Roy De Forest on the occasion of the exhibition Roy De Forest; A Simple Life: Small Scale Paintings from 2000-2003 at George Adams Gallery, New York, on view through until February 9, 2013.

Naves writes: "The thing is, De Forest’s paintings aren’t fantasies; they’re real. An artist’s responsibility is to create a fiction we can enter, experience and believe in. How convincingly it’s realized and how much the artist yields to its logic determines its aesthetic viability. The inside-out, every-which-way cosmos De Forest brought to life sprawls like a topographical map and bustles like the No. 6 train at rush hour. There’s not an inch of canvas unaccounted for. Forget horror vacui: De Forest’s all-over and exaggerated pointillism, characterized by blips of acrylic squeezed directly from the tube, aren’t obsessive; they’re a celebration of life’s bounty."

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