Ruth Pastine @ Brian Gross

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David M. Roth reviews Ruth Pastine: MIND’S EYE / Sense Certainty Series at Brian Gross Fine Art, San Francisco, on view through October 25, 2014.

Roth writes that "the latest offering from Ruth Pastine, turns the human body into a tuning fork. That sensation, familiar to her followers, comes from seamless color gradients applied to beveled canvases that extend out from the wall several inches. The distance makes it appear as if the imagery – vertical color bands – is suspended in space and backlit. There are no visible edges, only radiant, saturated hues that dissolve into each another imperceptibly, creating vibratory fields that, owing to flawless paint application, flirt with Finish Fetish. Pastine, however, remains more closely aligned with the SoCal-based Light and Space movement – but with two important distinctions. First, she is a generation removed from the movement’s beginnings. Second, unlike the originators (e.g. Peter Alexander, Craig Kauffman and John McCracken) who used synthetic and industrial materials to manipulate light, Pastine does it with oil on canvas."

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