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Sam Moyer: Slack Tide

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A review of the recent exhibition Sam Moyer: Slack Tide at Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York.

Despite an association with 1960's minimalism, the review notes that "when standing in front of one of Moyer's immense canvases, their dimension seems to be directed more inward than outward. Particularly in light of their oceanic titles, the paintings present the sort of infinite, illusionistic space ironically created by utter flatness that was most famously achieved by Frank Stella in his 1950s 'Black Paintings,' which did not so much belong to Minimalism as anticipate it. At the same time, the paintings’ potentially and even frightening enterable space can be related back to the infinite abysses of Abstract Expressionism. In this context, we might understand their deepness as more of a metaphysical depth than a physical one."

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