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Sangram Majumdar: In Conversation

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John Seed interviews painter Sangram Majumdar about his work and process as well as Steven Harvey, whose gallery exhibits Majumdar's work.

Regarding observation based painting, Majumdar notes: "I have always been an image-based painter, regardless of the source, be it photography, working from life, or pure invention. Often the reason I start with something physical and actual is because it gives me something to fight against. There's an immediacy to the experience that gets actualized through paint. But I also work from photos, memory end maquettes. Over the last couple years, I have been doing a series of paintings that take everyday objects and 'cast' them in a theatrical manner in my studio — a place I often think of as a stage-set.' Basically, I am open to all sources. Painting for me becomes a way to undo the logic, and create a space that is interstitial and ephemeral."

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