Sarah Lutz: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interviews painter Sarah Lutz.

Speaking about her process, Lutz comments: "There are rules you are taught in art school that you eventually can give up. For instance, you are taught that you’re not supposed to paint right out of the tube. Now I often do that. It is another device for getting paint onto the canvas, and it’s a good one. The way my paintings are made is an important part of their meaning. There is not a separate 'subject matter': they are about how they are made. I am interested in all the different viscosities of paint. Right now I am making paintings that have a variety of transparent and flat opaque areas. They have built-up areas, but also areas where you see the raw canvas. Spatial effects result from using a tool like the squeegee. Color lands on high points, but doesn’t get into low points. There are controlled accidents that are created and that you deal with later."

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