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Sarah Williams @ George Billis Gallery

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Bianca Guillen reviews an exhibition of paintings Sarah Williams at George Billis Gallery, Los Angeles, on view through October 12th, 2013.

Guillen writes that "the manner in which Williams knowingly illustrates the differing luminesce of artificial light, affectively shrouds each work in mystery. These landscapes are haunting scenes finessed into states of individual and complex ambiguity- this, in fact, being Williams’s premeditated outcome… These scenes self-described by Williams as 'mundane,' become amplified with a particular appeal once the viewer has enacted their personal experiences upon it… For someone unfamiliar with icy Midwest terrains, these paintings carry across a callous, lonesome, even foreboding, air. When viewing these within the context of George Billis’ Southern California location, any other emotive experience is difficult, perhaps even a stretch, to channel. One thing is for certain Sarah Williams’s work eliminates the need for tremendous sensationalism, making these shadowy landscapes endlessly fascinating, full of projected assumptions."

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