Sharon Hall: Interview

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Charley Peters interviews painter Sharon Hall about her work.

Hall comments: "The paintings evolve from a starting point that uses simple geometry for dividing up the overall surface area through an implicit and rational use of proportion. I have always tried to avoid complex mathematical or geometric permutations in my works, and I strive for a kind of structural simplicity that is then made more complex by the colour, and the emerging painterly and optical relationships. The initial geometric proposition serves only as an armature into and onto which colour is loaded. And it is only with the introduction of colour itself that the paintings really begin for me. While geometry isn’t paramount as a kind of mathematical set of relations in itself, it is crucial to define the colour in order to determine how it is perceived, through neutral shapes or spans across the surface. The divisions and parts of the paintings can appear optically as empty space by using close tonalities, and the underlying geometry is sometimes rendered almost invisible. The eventual resolution of the paintings is ‘found’, rather than being predetermined or locked into an overtly rigid map, so they can proceed quite intuitively and imaginatively."

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