Silke Otto-Knapp: Monday or Tuesday

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George Vasey reviews Silke Otto-Knapp: Monday or Tuesday at the Camden Arts Centre, London, on view through March 30, 2014.

Vasey writes: "Atypically for a painter, Otto-Knapp creates images through a subtractive rather than additive approach, building up and dissolving washes of watercolour and gauche on primed canvas. Paint sits in the tooth of the canvas rather than on top – surface and image are entwined. The image appears as though a mirage, at once seductive and unattainable. This is further dramatised by the removal of any colour: these new canvases are entirely painted in charcoal grey and silver. Otto-Knapp often adds an iridescent medium, so the surfaces of her paintings yield to light in unexpected ways… All of Otto-Knapp’s work, in different ways, is about movement. Her paintings depict mobility yet they also encourage you to walk up to and around them. From one side they appear monochromatic, at different angles subtle details are revealed. For images that remain at a point of dissolution they resolutely return us to our own physicality."

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