Simone Montemurno: When You Sign Your Name

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Geoff Tuck reviews the recent exhibition Simone Montemurno: When You Sign Your Name at metro pcs, Los Angeles.

Tuck writes: "In this exhibition Montemurno has provided the viewer with access to several points of view: a shared one with the artist as a participant in looking; one’s own perspective, as an independent viewer; and also as one who is observed. She has counterpoised precious visual moments from her own life as an artist (still lifes upon which her eyes might fall again and again during the day, and so become invested with emotion and thought) with a romanticized portrait of herself (the artist) in the role of a transitive and regal emissary of culture; and then again rendered as a querulous shop girl who is offering forth a symbol of her craft. Putting Iskin’s proposal to good use, Montemurno offers the viewer the image of an artist offering her wares in the form of an empty paint box, knowing that she has wonders to offer, and worrying that no-one will see."

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