Stuart Shils in Conversation

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On the occasion of his upcoming exhibition at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects (on view from April 26 – May 27, 2012), painter Stuart Shils talks with Nikolai Fox.

Shils notes: "The thing that I've been dangling in front of myself in the last couple of years has been the prospect of understanding how to work in the studio accessing memory and just what is that, what does 'memory' mean? So we're calling this show The Residue of Memory. When I had that sensation while on the bus leaving Rome at the very end of the day with the last gasp of warm light on the city and I was talking with my friend in the middle of a deep conversation. I was not thinking 'Oh, this is an art moment.' We have many moments and most of them just sit on the shelf. The thing is, how do we get to them later and then how do we paint them when they are not right before our eyes? How do we get back into those moments?"

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