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Sue Williams @ 303 Gallery

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Sharon Butler blogs about the exhibition Sue Williams WTC, WWIII, Couch Size at 303 Gallery, New York, on view through February 22, 2014.

Butler writes: "Without the prompting of [the show's title] few viewers would apprehend Sue Williams’s richly evocative new color field paintings as what they are: crazed essays on life in the time of 9/11, the signature disaster of the present epoch. The central component of these busy, lively pieces is the discordance between the prepossessing gaiety of their bright colors and jangled line, on one hand, and the more submerged gruesomeness of the body parts and distressed buildings actually depicted, on the other… The result is not flight from doom but instead a more Warholian message – one that rings true – about the infiltration of horror into even the most ostensibly cheery public imagery."

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