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Susan Roth: Painting Collage, Collaging Painting

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Sam Cornish blogs about the work of painter Susan Roth.

Cornish writes: "I like how dramatic the paintings are as images, and how this drama pushes and pulls (surges may be a better word) in two directions: the ruffs and ripples of canvas and colour work upwards towards the containing outline, whilst the outline imposes itself on the action it frames: cutting, nipping, tucking and cropping."

Cornish's post includes a new statement by Roth who says of her work: "The here-to-fore thought to be sacrosanct picture plane, it turns out, had been overly literalized. It wasn’t the magic tautness of the abstract plane. It was the surface, a plane being only one type of surface. As the picture roils and crumples, folds and twists back on itself, it redistributes and accumulates volume and mass, consolidating this mass in areas as it thins and stretches in others. This has impact on the ultimate shape of the painting. It happens differently than architecture as it is a result of the organic processes the method produces."

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