Susan Roth @ the Everson Museum

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Arthur Whitman reviews Handmade: The Art of Susan Roth at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, on view through August 30, 2015.

Whitman writes: "Roth’s paintings are beautifully exuberant, filled with color and movement and a sense of space that pulls you in with force… Mindful of tradition, she is also an innovator. Her work incorporates new acrylic paints and mediums, irregularly shaped canvases, the collaging of folded canvas onto the canvas, and the more occasional addition of unusual materials such as Plexiglas sheets and shards of glass and ceramic. Also distinctive is her extensive use of often-transparent acrylic 'skins,' made by lifting dried paint off of polyethylene sheets and collaging them. Large skins—mottled, translucent—sometimes cover large areas of the surface while clear, rectangular “box top” skins are placed like bandages, bearing further clottings of paint. The style is as much baroque as expressionist—all twisting and bulging, barely self-contained."

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