Susanna Heller: Studio Visit

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Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy visit the studio of painter Susanna Heller.

Heller comments: "It took me a good ten years to figure out how to engage the city, how to draw it, how to paint it, how to picture it… it wasn't exactly about its look, it's more about its being. If you think of New York as a character, that's in action all the time, I wanted to make paintings about the life of the city, the way it moves… the weather, the movement and my movement. To me space and time and travel is more the subject of the city than the objects. The objects are there as stopping points, but they're not the subject." She continues: "I walk everyday, and I draw when I walk. The idea of recording… these paths that only we're creating… It's a crazy world of incredible contrasts. You look down at some old garbage and rust, you look up – seven million people, ten million people. What kind of story is that? You can be really alone and really claustrophobic, things are really clustered and really open and yet the sky and the clouds are so much more massive above it all."

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