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Tadasky (Tadasuke Kuwayama): Interview

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Julie Karabenick interviews painter Tadasky (Tadasuke Kuwayama) about his work.

Tadasky comments: "My work uses simple geometric forms, most often the circle, because they allow me to create the visual impact that I seek. I’ve always wanted my work to be clear. The circle is a form from Nature—one of the most common forms for humans, one that we can’t avoid. So the circle is easy to understand and needs no explanation to appreciate. I use numbers rather than literary titles because my paintings are not meant to refer to anything outside of themselves. There is no philosophy or theory, no religion or ideology involved. People are free to look at my work in many different ways… Looking at one of my paintings is for me like entering a traditional Shinto shrine. Because they are both so simple and symmetrical, the impact is very powerful. I am not a believer, but some people would call this experience 'spiritual.' "

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