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Tatiana Berg: Standup Painting

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Kyle Chayka interviews painter Tatiana Berg on the occasion of her exhibition Bill Murray at Hansel and Gretel Picture Garden, New York, on view through November 2, 2013.

Chayka writes that Berg "is becoming known as a leading pioneer of a new wave of painting that blends figuration and abstraction, taking as much from Tumblr and primetime television as it does from art history. Sweeps of gestural color cover Berg's dramatic and improvisatory canvases. She's restless, creating work quickly and discarding it if it falls short of her expectations. After moving through a phase of pure abstraction, figures are trickling back into her work. Berg's solo show is populated by a cast of characters that bring to mind late Picasso—they are goofy, fallible archetypes that feel both friendly and mythical, human forms coalescing out of a storm of thick, delectable paint."

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