Tatiana Berg: Studio Visit

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As part of their coverage of Bushwick Open Studios, Paddy Johnson and Whitney Kimball visit the studio of painter Tatiana Berg and interview her about her work.

Asked about her three-dimensional "tent" paintings Berg comments: "My tent-paintings arose from a curiosity wondering what a painting looked like broken open, its interior structures and materials exposed. All two-dimensional work indulges in illusionism to some degree, but the tents allow me to get line and color off the wall and into corporeal space. They’re made of all the same stuff as a regular painting—canvas, wood, staples, hardware, paint—but all remain determindly visible. To me the fun is in knowing; if the wonder’s gone when the truth is shown, there was never any wonder in the first place. In brutalizing and exposing the material structures of painting, I think the wonder remains, and that’s encouraging."

Bushwick Open Studios runs from June 1 – 3, 2012.

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