Ten Painters from Berlin

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Photo blog of installation views from the exhibition Geist und Form: Ten Painters from Berlin at Grunwald Gallery of Art, Indiana University, Bloomington, curated by Jurriaan Benschop, on view through October 11, 2013.

As noted on the extensive exhibition website, "Geist und Form gives insight into the broad spectrum of painting that is practiced in present-day Berlin. The artists show diversity in approaches, ranging from expressive to conceptual, and from fundamental painting to mixed media. Although each of the artists upholds a unique position, there is also common ground in the way all participants balance interest in the visual with inner content. The work of these artists is based on visual qualities that can appeal directly to the viewer. On another level, the presented painters engage in artistic research that gives their work further meaning. The artists do not stop at purely formal issues, their work embodies an intellectual and spiritual understanding of their role as image makers. There is, as the title points out, both Geist und Form in their work, and a simultaneous presence of both these elements was a critical criterion in the selection of the ten artists. The intangible or 'geistige' content is connected in a meaningful way with the surface, the optics and the texture of the work."

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