Terry Winters: Vivid Complexity

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Christopher Knight reviews the exhibition Terry Winters: patterns in a chromatic field at Matthew Marks Gallery, Los Angeles, on view through June 21, 2014.

Knight writes that the show title's "lowercase spelling a hint of the best works’ luxurious visual intimacy – the dozen paintings generate form in complex ways. Take No. 14 in the series, an exquisite explosion of red-orange and yellow color-spots within an ecstatic aura of blue-green rays… The swirling spots recall the spiral pattern of a sunflower’s seeds, which in this chromatically brilliant case leads inevitably to Van Gogh. Behind the nominal blossom, an array of small, interlocking organic shapes resides somewhere between a garden's stone wall, abstract memories of flagstones frequently employed in paintings by Jasper Johns and Sam Francis’ biomorphic pools of runny abstract color."

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