The Influence of Andrew Forge

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Painter Mark Trujillo blogs about the influential artist, critic, and teacher Andrew Forge and includes remembrances from artists Ann Gale, Julie Heffernan, Denzil Hurley, Margaret McCann, Paula Heisen, Tommy Fitzpatrick, Mark Brosseau, Steve Hicks, Stuart Elster, and Denis Farrell.

Trujillo writes that "[Forge's] influence was formative for me and I know for many others as well. An ideal tribute to his memory would be a sprawling museum show of his work and the work of artists he influenced, since that's not in my power; I reached out to artists who have generously shared their memories… [Forge] had a palatable way that he would couch something substantial, so that you took the hint as a nudge rather than a jolt; and his words had a gentle, luminous precision."

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