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The Many Faces of Abstract Painting

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Howard Hurst reviews the exhibition Color Line, curated by Rico Gatson, at Outpost Artist Resources, Ridgewood, Queens, on view through October 25, 2013. The show includes works by Liz Atzberger, Robert Otto Epstein, Rico Gatson, Ben Godward, Alex Lee Harris, Bjoern Meyer-Ebrecht, Brooke Moyse, Ellie Murphy, Ursula Schneider, Patrick Todd, Siebren Versteeg, and Tamara Zahaykevich.

Hurst writes: "To classify those artists making abstract painting today under one umbrella would be a misstep. Color Line… provides a comprehensive and honest look at the various approaches being applied to abstract painting and sculpture. It must be said that the exhibition (and this article) provide only a specific look at a limited number of approaches. What it does do is illustrate that painting (and/or sculpture) today is not embodied by one movement, but exists at an intersection where any number of practices overlap."

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