The Revolution Will Be Painted

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In a new piece of appropriative writing, Anne Sherwood Pundyk explores the continual possibilities of painting by combining brief statements from various "artists, writers, art historians, and critics." The following stanza includes quotes sourced from Robert Evrén, Anne Sherwood Pundyk, Roberta Smith, John Elderfield, and Bonnie Clearwater:

"Situated near the edge of visibility, / painting will exude a stillness and lapse into immobility. / The conditions of seeing will come into focus. / Painting will be in the present tense. / The stained or brush-worked canvases will be lurid in subject or color. / A painting will be unexpectedly altered in the process of its viewing. / You will become aware of the paradoxes of symmetry. / A painting will never know where else it might go, / and will be incapable of closing down the possibility of an exit from / wherever it happens to be right now. / The revolution will be painted."

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