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Tim Kennedy: Interview

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In an extensive and informative interview, Larry Groff interviews painter Tim Kennedy. In addition to Kennedy's painting practice they discuss studying with Lennart Anderson at Brooklyn College, Hawthorne on Painting, a technical versus a structural approach to perceptual painting, and the hidden history of recent figurative painting.

Of his own practice Kennedy notes: "the information that you get from the world is through what you can glean from its surface, and you have to infer a lot of things. It’s a bit of a detective story in a weird way, just even interpreting what you’re seeing light wise. Which is interesting. Essentially, you’re watching how light falls on things. And sometimes it takes a long period of time to see what actually is happening, whatever it is that you’re looking at. You define the subject by being out there for hours at a time. And you learn something about it. It’s intriguing."

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