Tim Tozer: Interview

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Michael Hopkins interviews painter Tim Tozer about his recent work.

Tozer comments: "Initially the idea of mass [in the paintings' titles] refers to visual weight (or the lack of it), although I’m aware it could also have religious connotations; I wouldn’t desire or reject that connection if it were made. I think part of what brings me back to abstraction are the subliminal references that I create or bump into… When it works, this mix of planned and uncontrolled relationships can manifest the kind of tension I’m looking for in the work: perhaps this could even act as a metaphor for the conscious and unconscious mind. However, all the paintings are the result of long consideration, so it’s hard to claim the presence of anything authentically unconscious. The accidents in the process of making them are a way for me to sneak up on myself, and to access subconscious desires that I cannot otherwise will into being."

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