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Tine Lundsfryd: Interview

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Jennifer Samet interviews painter Tine Lundsfryd about her work.

Lundsfryd remarks: "There are symbols I see in nautical museums, and I sketch them. They might be on the floor at the Met, or in a painting. There are Sassanian symbols that are floral, but also look like feathers. I like when they are ambiguous. There are ornaments from Venice. Many of them have religious or symbolic significance to the people who use them, like suns and solar symbols. I made paintings in which the eight-pointed star shape and the shape of the cross were combined. My intent was that it was about different cultures and different symbols colliding. Different grid structures were combined as well, like a Roman pattern with triangles making a square, and an Islamic floor pattern. It brought me into this place of working with symbols and ornaments from different cultures, different places, different professions, and trying to put them together as some kind of metaphor. I was thinking about a kind of collision, entanglement, but also co-existing. It was about the complexity of the world."

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