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Todd Kelly: In Conversation

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Matthew Bourbon talks with painter Todd Kelly on the occasion of the exhibition Todd Kelly: My Own Personal Rebus at Asya Geisberg Gallery, New York that runs through March 9, 2013

Kelly remarks: "I like the way a still life painting presents a group of objects, each object taking on new importance by its presentation and proximity to the other objects. It’s the process of grouping that I like. Each of my paintings is started by whim as much as by design. I’m inspired by materials, by the work of other artists, by nature, by visceral forces…all sorts of things. So the paintings come out quite different one from the other. The possibilities for creating interesting groups of similar or conflicting paintings are endless; an infinitely expanding universe. Also, it seems there is much hand-wringing about the current lack of 'progress' or avant-garde in painting lately. But it’s all good with me. I see my work in the studio more as exploring around the already conquered territory looking for a place to settle or develop. We aren’t really in need of more territory as far as painting goes."

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