Tom Gregg: Interview

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Christopher Lowrance interviews painter Tom Gregg about his work and studio practice.

Gregg notes "the life or presence of the painting as an actual object, is incredibly important to me, and relates to this scale question as well as to the attention I give to the surface qualities of my paintings. The size of the objects in my paintings seems to shift, usually for reasons that are more intuitive than conscious. They feel right at a certain size, which is usually linked to other factors in the paintings. The most aggressive subject matter I ever painted had the largest scaled objects whereas a quiet, somber set of paintings I did not long after that had almost normal scaled objects. At this point they are bigger than real life, but I don't really experience them that way, they just seem right at that scale. There is no doubt it gives the paintings a definite and hopefully slightly disquieting presence as an object, and helps to separate it from merely being an image or a representation."

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