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Tomma Abts at Kunsthalle Dusseldorf

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Photoblog of the exhibition Tomma Abts at Kunsthalle Dusseldorf on view through October 9 ,2011.

"Alt­hough [Abts] fol­lows a pre­de­ter­mined me­thod in her pain­ting, ap­p­ly­ing pu­re­ly geo­me­tri­cal shapes to a clas­sic 48 x 38 cm por­trait for­mat in lay­er af­ter lay­er of oil and acryl­ic paint, her pain­ting is far re­mo­ved from se­ri­al pro­duc­tion. The in­di­vi­dua­li­ty of each of her pie­ces can, in­s­tead, be at­tri­bu­ted to a pro­duc­tion pro­cess whe­re each image is shaped by con­ti­nual ques­tio­ning, and by con­stant con­struc­tion and de­con­struc­tion."

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