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Trevor Winkfield: Relentless Complexities

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Thomas Devaney considers two recently published books: How I Became a Painter: Trevor Winkfield in Conversation With Miles Champion (Pressed Wafer) and George Braque and Others: The Selected Art Writings of Trevor Winkfield (The Song Cave).

Devaney notes that "it is Winkfield’s recent books … which most attest to such a steadfast life of looking, reading, writing, and making art. Winkfield’s essays range from more familiar artists, such as Florine Stettheimer, Marcel Duchamp, and Vermeer, to those less discussed, such as Myron Stout, Richard Dadd, and seventeenth-century still-life painter Lubin Baugin…His essays do not set out to show the ways of seeing so much as they enumerate a lifetime of looking… Winkfield’s art writings are the field notes of one who has looked deeply and variously. They go for depth rather than breadth, but the depth achieves a kind of breadth of its own."

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