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Uwe Kowski: Interview

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Jonathan Beer interviews painter Uwe Kowski.

Kowski comments: "The way we perceive the world, is the way we influence it. I see that in reference to economic interests and their consequences, to the latest technological developments, you could say. That development goes and has always gone along with a change of perception, or which knowledge we give priority to, what we learn from that and what kind of development we pursue. In this respect complexity in perception is difficult, too. It requires willingness to look precisely in lots of directions… The translation of perception is the determining aspect for an artist. Sure, you can try not to let perception enter your work, but you cannot detach from perception. There are different ways to a transformation within my work. I mean that sometimes a result is achieved faster and sometimes it is a long process. Complexity in this case means that the seen merges with different thoughts into an image. This process often lasts while the painting develops."

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