Vince Contarino & Zachary Royer Scholz

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Matthew Marchand reviews the recent exhibition of Vince Contarino and Zachary Royer Scholz at c2c project space, San Francisco.

Marchand writes that Contarino "takes the sublime monumentality of expressionist abstraction, sweeping away the maudlin sentimentality to expose a more intimate and personal sublimity… the careful curation of the mark making removes the marks from the tired trope of expressive gesture, recalibrating our expectations of the language as the artist deploys it. Instead of expressivity we are seeing a series of carefully chosen readymade 'objects' this time in the guise of brush strokes that are brought to and arranged on the canvas to create work that functions like an abstract painting… Scholz has chosen to work with the entire space of the apartment gallery, creating cubeoid 'covers' for the furniture that normally populates the space… the installation of these cube/rectangular shaped transforms the entire gallery into a multidimensional version of one of Contarino’s paintings."

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