Vincent Desiderio: Painter & Theorist

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John Seed interviews painter Vincent Desiderio about his work on the occasion of an exhibition at Marlborough Gallery, New York, on view through February 8, 2014.

Desiderio remarks: "a successful painting remains in constant motion; evoking a sense of the perpetual present tense of being. It remains open ended, thus facilitating the flow of artistic thought that is always and everywhere streaming through the history of painting. However, painting's greatest strength lies in its stasis, its capacity to produce the coup d'oeil, the momentary freezing of this motion. Recently my work has taken on a density that underscores the materiality of the image, a move diametrically opposed to the screen image or the photograph. I see this as related to the radical materiality of Courbet and his Socialist concerns. My pictures now have a technical weight, and so, a palpable presence that I feel more comfortable with. I tend to dwell on the staging of the technical procedures so that visual information is emitted at varying degrees of intelligibility and speed. From the start, I recognize that the real idea of the picture resides in the way materials are coaxed into meaning."

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