Violet Baxter & Charles Marburg

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Patrick Neal reviews an exhibition of paintings by Violet Baxter and Charles Marburg at Jeffrey Leder Gallery, New York, on view through March 11, 2012.

Neal writes that Marburg's paintings "favor eccentricity over grandiosity, depicting figure/ground fields that either stay put, stacked in small solidly brushed complexes of activity, or awash drifting by, images appearing and disappearing through gauzy skins of paint… much of the incident in the paintings emerge through the portals of surrounding shapes often bisected or colliding."

Neal continues noting that "Baxter's high key palette and ability to create abstract tapestries from recognizable sources shares a sensibility with the Nabis albeit looking in the opposite direction from their intimate interiors. Baxter overlays complementary colors building to convincing depictions of light on surface whether it is the hot pinks and yellows of noonday sun hitting a building or the electric blues of night sky."

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