Volker Hüller @ Timothy Taylor

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Blog post about the exhibition Volker Hüller: New Paintings at Timothy Taylor Gallery, London, on view through November 9, 2013.

"Created from lengths of material, oil paint and pencil, Hüller’s large-scale canvases are shot through with sinuous lines arching and rebounding, demarcating the canvases and playing with the paintings’ sense of supposed authority. Meanwhile, smudges and the detritus of the studio linger under the painting’s surface leaving the canvases pockmarked and scarred, the signs of a history of continuous editing and revision. One to take especial note of is a silver work, Bellman’s, composed of fragments of various materials, applied to the canvas with glue and staples to form a loose, layered grid structure. Fine lines dart over the metallic surface in puzzling trajectories – perhaps describing some hidden forms but remaining determinedly enigmatic."

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